Five Steps to an Effective Website

My first video, made with Cisco Webex. Issues I’m aware of:

  1. Obviously I recorded this using PowerPoint’s presentation mode. Doesn’t appear possible to record only the presentation and still show notes on a single monitor.

  2. Video of me speaking isn’t shown

  3. Look’s like my eyes are closed (you can’t see this; take my word for it)

  4. Audio sounds lispy. Might be that the mic is too close?

  5. In some spots I need to enunciate better.

  6. Next video I’ll us the webcam’s mic, and not wear headphones.

  7. Subtitles for the first few minutes only, just to make sure it works.

Here’s a direct link to Webex. Password is “Webleus01”. No subtitles on this one, sorry, but it does show me speaking.

Quick Intro to Review Management

My second attempt, this time using Zoom. Issues:

  1. Still looks like my eyes are closed

  2. Somehow need to appear cheerier?

  3. No subtitles.