Start Here

Here’s my commitment: Every week, until it’s done, I’ll be adding an article.

I’ll cover best practices and recommendations for website design and construction, use and abuse of customer reviews, and perhaps thoughts on starting and running a small business. I might also include a quick bio, though LinkedIn has a pretty complete employment history.

Here’s what I’d ultimately like to cover:

  • Building a Brand

    The most important aspect: How do you want your business to be perceived? Everything else - the business name, tagline, style of language, logo, colors - flows from that. Worth spending time to get it right.

  • Functional Website Design

    I’ll describe the process I’ve adapted from many years building small business software.

  • Visual Website Design

    Fonts, colors, images

  • Language

    Formal or informal. Brief or complete.

  • Customer Reviews

    The benefits and pitfalls. How to do it right without a lot of work.

I welcome other approaches and feedback.

Always be learning

Chris Heydemann1 Comment