What is your mission?
Why are you in business?
Who are you ideal customers?

Onboarding is an opportunity to think about your business


  • Remember that the more information we have, the better job we can do for your new website. But…

  • Don’t feel you have to answer every item, and please don’t be overwhelmed. This should be a pleasant experience of learning and construction, and not at all stressful.

  • I’d recommend reading this entire page before diving into the details.

  • If there’s anything we didn’t ask that’s pertinent, please do share. The more we know about you and your business, the more effectively we can help your business achieve its goals.

  • Here’s a Word document you can download and send back to us.

General Information

  • Your contact name, phone and email

  • Business name and contact name, phone and email as they should appear on website

  • Domain name (for example, weblius.com)

    • Do you own, or would like us to acquire it?

    • Credentials to deploy your new website

  • Is there a date by which your site must be live?

  • Which social media channels are important to you? For each, provide credentials for “editor” access so that we can add links from the website. (I recommend using a special account that can be removed if necessary.)


Your Vision

  • Why are you undertaking this project, and why now?

  • What do you want to accomplish? What does success look like?

Your Business

  • What is your business’s mission? What is it helping to accomplish?

  • What products or services do you provide? What makes these products or services unique? What’s your specific niche?

  • How can we show that customers should be comfortable doing business with you?

    • Are you an experienced in your field? What evidence can we showcase? (articles written, certifications, etc)

    • Any charitable work visitors should know about?

    • How long have you been in business? How many customers have you served, or how many widgets have you installed?

  • Are your products or services customized, artisanal, or mass-market? Luxury or necessity? (These are just examples. Please tell us how you feel about your products or services.)


Your Customers

  • If you’re selling to consumers (B2C)

    • Who are your ideal customers? Do they tend to be young (newly employed), middle age (30 to 50) or nearing or in retirement?

    • How budget-conscious are they?

    • Are your customers local, regional or nationwide? Are they budget, mid-priced, or high-end?

    • Is one gender - or other characteristics - more likely than another to be customers?

  • If you’re selling to businesses (B2B)

    • Who are your ideal business customers? Sole proprietors? Small business, mid-size, large, nationwide enterprises? Non-profit?

    • What roles at the business are you targeting? CEO? COO? Accounting? What departments are you targeting? HR? Engineering? Legal?

  • Visitor’s goals

    • What needs does the visitor have while considering your business? Do they need education on your industry or your solution? On your business and its credibility? Or are they ready to order a product or service?

    • Is there anything you’d like your visitors to learn from your website? About the industry and latest technologies? About your company and its mission?

    • What actions are important for your visitors to take? Subscribe to a newsletter? Book an appointment? Purchase a product or service? Call you?

Your competition

  • What 3 or 4 companies or organizations are your primary competitors?

  • How do you win against them? In other words, why do customers buy from you or engage your services, instead of those of other companies?

  • When you’re not successful against competitors, why did that occur?


  • Is your brand serious or playful? Colorful or gray? Loud or reserved? Modern or classic? (These are just examples; please tell us how you feel about your brand, and what you’d like it to be.)

  • Please provide any branding guidelines? (color scheme, high-quality images or your logo, and anything else we’ll need)

  • If photos will help tell the story of your products or services, please provide high-quality, high-resolution images. Please make clear if you've included any photos for which you do not own the copyright.

  • Please provide links to a couple websites that appeal to you, either in design or structure or ease of use. Could be in your industry or not. For each, please briefly describe why the site appeals to you.

  • Are there any websites you don't like? What about them bothers you?

That’s it, you’ve reached the end!

This will certainly help us work together to build a great home for your business on the web, and it might even help you enjoy your business a little bit more.

Thank you!