Here’s what to expect - and what your role is - during design and construction of your new website. We’ll follow a simple 5 step process:

Process 10.png
  1. Onboarding

    The first step in creating your new website is Onboarding. This is an opportunity to share with us information about your business and your vision for its new website. Onboarding is the stage in which you, the client, have the most homework. To make it as pleasant as possible, our Onboarding page breaks it down into easy little chunks. Also includes analysis of your competitors. What are they doing right? What can you do better than they do?

  2. Personas

    Weblius’s work really begins with capturing details of your website’s visitors, or Personas. Who are your visitors, what do they want to learn or do, and what actions (order, newsletter, call, etc) does the business want them to take? Of course we’ll review Personas with you.

  3. Information Architecture

    Here Weblius will create the outline and navigation structure of your website. Its Information Architecture ensures that information and actions are organized so that your visitors move around the site naturally and efficiently, and that content meets your personas’ needs. After Phase 3, we’ll have descriptions of pages and all their elements (text, images, tables, controls, etc.), as well as the navigation structure. We’ll review the Information Architecture with you before proceeding to Content and Construction.

  4. Content and Construction

    Now the website “becomes real.” Using what you shared about your business’s brand and mission, and our analysis of Personas and Information Architecture, Weblius will write the content and use branding elements and images and build a draft website that includes all text copy, diagrams, photos and other images.

  5. Go Live!

    Now we deliver the website and Go Live! Phase 5 includes final tuning of text copy and graphics, and ensures pages and images have proper headings and descriptions. We’ll do a final website review and then Go Live by deploying the new website to your domain.